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Ok...so I'm building a maintenance database. When there is a broken piece of equipment we have to fill out this seperate form for a each part listing what it's problems are...I just spent the last 3 hours building this form manually as an access report. What I'm hoping to do is I can put all of my equipment records into this database and set it up to where when I need to fill out one of those forms all I need to do is bring up the information of the equipment in question and the computer will dump the data onto the form....all I need to do is print and sign. The problem is that I can't figure out how to get the information from the equipment deficiencies table onto the form correctly. What I want is essentially this...

What I get is this.....
I had a similar problem. Attach your database and I will use the method I used..Little weird to explain but one c you see it it's fairly easy..
Ok..Now, there's nothing in the database except for my deficiency table and the form....I figure this is primarily the reason I'm doing this, so I might as well make sure it can work before I really start crunching data....that and I have another database I put together a couple of years ago around here somewhere that already has most of the grunt work done already...I'll just need to plug it in.
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