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Dear All,
would like to use the value of a variable defined in the module in a report. I created a text box and assigned the control source property to "=[sCurrency]" where sCurrency is the variable defined in the module. This is not recognized and asking for the parameter value for "sCurrency" while running the report, but when I use the same variable in forms it shows the value stored in the variable "sCurrency".
This is very much required as I need to print the currency type in the reports using the public variable.
Could any one give any suggestion for this ?
Thanks in advance.
You must write a function that will return the value. Something like this
ublic Function GetCurrency() As String
GetCurrency = sCurrency
End Function
Then use the function name in the control source property
Bo Melin
Hi Murali,
se a function to return the value of your global variable:
Public Function fCurrency() As String
    fCurrency = sCurrency
End Function

Make the function return the same datatype as sCurrency (I'm guessing it's a string since it's called 's'Currency)
Dear Bo Melin & CheekyBuddha,
Thank you so much, it works. I really appreciate the great support provided by both of you.
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