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I have a report that is based on query “A.” I want to have a text box on this report that will show the count of records returned for query “B.” How can I do this?
You could add a sub report that show the count or use a text box with the control source using DCOUNT()
Thanks for the assistance. It turns out that I asked the wrong question.
That I meant to ask was how to get the sum of a specific calculated field (all integers) in all of the returned records.
For example:
qry "B" returns 3 records that look like this:
Name Count
Jim 2
Bill 3
Boyd 5
I want to have a text box on a report that is based on query "A" show the SUM (in this case - 10) of the Count field from query "B".
Relatedly, when putting a text box on a report, can I make the control source related to an “on-the-fly” query that is not saved anywhere else?
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