I am using Microsoft Access Project and I have never used it before so please forgive me if this is a stupid question...

I have created a View which groups by date and then counts the number of lines entered for those dates. What I would like to do is restrict the dates to dates entered into a text box on a form. Just like I would in Microsoft Access (i.e. BETWEEN Forms!Frontpage!txtDate1 AND Forms!Frontpage!txtDate2).

The SQL to create the view is as follows:
SELECT     TOP 100 PERCENT CONVERT(char(11), wcs_entry_date_time, 103) AS Date, COUNT(wcs_container_id) AS [Number of Units Received]
FROM         dbo.wcs_mhejrn_stock_received
GROUP BY CONVERT(char(11), wcs_entry_date_time, 103), DAY(wcs_entry_date_time), MONTH(wcs_entry_date_time), YEAR(wcs_entry_date_time)
ORDER BY MONTH(wcs_entry_date_time), DAY(wcs_entry_date_time), YEAR(wcs_entry_date_time)

Is there anyway in which this can be done?

Kind Regards