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I want to make it possible that when a dropdown menu in a certain cell(or colum of cells) has an certain value the dropdown menu in the next cell l(or colum of cells) is different each time the value changes.
fish.salt.list of salt fish
fish.not salt.list of not salt fish
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This is done in a form, and is called CASCADING COMBO BOXES.
Do a search here on UA for this topic, you will find many examples. Candace Tripp has a fine example on her web site .
I don't know if it's fully clear what I meant because my English is not always that bright.
Omade an screenshot to clearify things.
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You cannot do this in a table. You're using Lookup Fields in the table, and they cannot be manipulated.
chroep's answer pertains to how you do it on a form, which is the way data should be entered/viewed/edited in a database. Do not enter data directly into tables.
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