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Hi All,
Am new to this forum and hope that someone can help me. I wish to use some vba code to automate the initialization of query properties. Specifically, I want to set the value for the odbc connect string in an sql pass-through query.
The access help pages do say that this can be done, it doesnt show how though. Any help would be great.
  Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
nbsp; With CurrentDb
    Set qdf = .QueryDefs("queryname")
    qdf.Connect = "yourconnectionstringgoeshere"
    Set qdf = Nothing
  End With

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Hey, this is great. However, I dont seem to have the add-ins in my ms access for data access objects. Would appreciate some pointers of how to get these.
You need to set a Reference to Microsoft Data Access Object 3.x in the VBE Menu Tools, References.
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