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Hello, I have a form, that gets its data from a query (Q2) using a summary, which gets its data from another query (Q1).
o filter the data by start and end data, I go in Q1 and add some criteria in the field where date records are stored.
Is there anyway I could implement this in the form, so that you have two text boxes, one for start date, one for end date, you fill the boxes with the dates you want and it automatically filter the data?
FOr is there any tutorial that could teach me how to do it?
Thank you very much,
add the two textboxes and then reference the controls in the criteria of your query:
ETWEEN [Forms]![YourForm]![YourStartControl] AND [Forms]![YourForm]![YourEndControl]
The form has to be open and the controles filled for this to work when the query runs.
Good luck
Check out this link for info on Query by Form.
Thank you very much! It works fine.
Is there any way you enter the values using a user friendly drop down menu?
Yes, you can create a combo box that lists the dates on the form.
You're welcome.
Glad I could assist.
Good luck on future projects!
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