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I am new to access and have a dilemma. I have an Employee database which has three tables. I have the employee table for employee details, a holiday table and a sickness table. I've set up the relationships etc and a form which displays info about an employee. I can insert (through the form) a start and end date of a holiday or a sickness/absence and I want to calculate the number of working days the employee has had off each time. For example, an employee has 20 days holiday entitlement, and if an Employee books a holiday I enter the start date and end date into the form and I then want the form to deduct the total number of working days from the holiday entitlement. How do I implement this within the form? If I have a DateDiff function in a module, how do I get the form to use this function?
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Oneed to point out that it sounds like you have not properly normalized you table structure. You should not have separate tables for holiday and sickness/absence. This should be a single table. Since you want to calculate the total time off, it will be a lot easier if all the data is in a single table.

About your code:

What module do you have the DateDiff in?
Where is it located?
Is it a Function where you pass to two dates and it returns the days?

I would recommend that you use a text box on your form that calculates the days in the control source. Maybe call your function in the code module you created.
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