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I have this form that has 2 fields: AppliedTime and TravelTime. I'll call it form B. The recordset table that feeds this form has another field called Totaltime which is the total of the two afore mentioned Time fields. This TotalTime field is on placed on another form, call it form A. Form B is opened up from Form A.
orm A has an Update SQL on a "on click" event of the close form A button. When I write in the values of the Time fields, in Form A and click on this value I keep getting tis Write conflict error whic tells me another user made changes to the record. I know this is not true. It asks me to either
1. keep the changes
2. copy to clipboard
3. deny the changes
Ohat this pop up, so I found this thing where it said I could set the recordlocks = false, before the update sql kicks in.
me.recordlocks = false
well it worked the very first time I tried it, I did not get the Write Conflict pop-up, but now I get this
"You entered an expression that has an invalid refernce to the property RecordLocks"
I know it doesnt like the "me.recordlocks = false", but it worked the first time, what is wrong, and how do I avoid this write conflict pop-up, the client hates it. Thanks
MIth try this before you run your SQL:
If Me.Dirty = True Then
  Me.Dirty = False
End If
it worked. Thanks!
You're Welcome!
Glad we could assist.
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