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I created a bunch of check box fields that are aligned with Bit datatype fields in the SQL server database.
I have about 10 check boxes. For some reason though an 11th check box I added, just like the rest, seems to have a grey hash in it when I switch from design view back to form view. The check boxes are 2 mode as opposed to 3 mode meaning when u click it, it puts a check mark, and when u click again, it clears the check box and leaves it white.
In this case, the check box appears with a grey hash, but when u click it, it puts in the check mark, and if clicked again it clears the box and leaves it white. I would like all check boxes upon loading the form to be white. More of a cosmetic or appearance issue than a functional one. Thanks
The reason the Checkbox is grey is because the field has no value. It is essentually null.
change the fields default value to be 0.
There are 3 states for a checkbox:
0 - Unchecked (White)
1 - Checked
Null - Greyed out.
heck the default value of your 11th checkbox.
On a side note, having so many checkboxes on a form is usually a sign of a flaw in your DB structure. May I ask what they represent?
Good Question. I'm Just following the requirements set by the Client. Basically, Various check boxes represent various choices,just like filling out a survey. They want the ability to select multiple choices, and this can hardly be done by a drop down. Each check box feeds a view on the database side, which in turn feeds certain reports..........
Thanks. It worked!, although the other check boxes have no default values of 0, wierd eh?
This is a pet peeve of mine. Clients DO NOT dictate database design. If what the client wants involves questionable or flawed design, its up to you, as the developer, to correct this.
You can use a Multi-Select listbox. But I would have to know more about these selections to know whether there is a design issue or not.
U are correct, but, its how they wanted the form to appear visually. U make a very good point though
Scott's suggestion aside, just with regards the checkbox wierdness,
Perhaps the checkboxes on the form had default value = 0. Also check in the other tab that your checkbox isn't triple-state.
other tab = 'Other' tab in the properties dialog in ddesign view!
Users can dictate interface, but its up to you to adjust the design to the interface but not allow interface concerns to compromise table design.
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