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An earlier post dealt with Treeview ActiveX controls from third parties and a question on how one might use such an ActiveX control on a computer that has been locked down to prevent the installation of executables and other files requiring Windows registration. Here's the link:
Installation of an ActiveX control
The initial question on ActiveX controls was answered by freakazeud and Rural Guy.
The discussion morphed off-topic to treeview control alternatives. This new post deals with this question.
The current treeview control doesn't really provide a nice way to display information on a node line. For example if I wanted to include the following on a root node:
Project ID, Project Name, Project Cost, Project Savings
I want do it with the Text property, but it wouldn't line up nicely from node to node as it would if Spreadsheet type cells could be used. Hence, I'm wondering if I can try to use subforms to simulate the treeview hiearchy instead in order to help with node information display/formatting.
Take a look at this link. Link

Non-ActiveX Explorer Bar Sample if massaged correctly may answer your question. If you look at Xyonx's post it contains continuous forms and the other posts use text boxes.

Good luck and please post the results from your quest.

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