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I am trying to rid our company of excel staff holiday planners. We currently have one worksheet per month, 12 per year. This is duplicated many times for each department.
The structure is Names down the first column, with the day of the month across the top creating upto 31 Columns.
The problem is tracking how many days sick/hols etc.
I have setup a database with following fields.
Employye No, Date, Type of Absence Code H - Holiday, S- Sick, AW - AWOL . T - Training etc.
This works fine in terms of logging and reporting but is not user friendly for Managers.
They basically want to see employee down the left and day of month across the top. Just as they did in excel.
It appears to be difficult to translate the database to a form.
Another idea was to have a table with Employee, Year,Month,day no 1 -31
The Day could then be reported down the screen as a column.
This then causes problems with reporting
If anyone has any recommendations or example I would be grateful to hear them.
What you want, names down the left, variable number of days across the top is possible with an unbound form. You'll have to use a lot of VBA to acocmplish the task, and I don't know your level of expertise in that area. My advice is to definitely stick with the original table setup you described. Also remember, just because the tables are set up one way doesn't mean the form has to be, when using unbound forms. You can loop through the recordset and populate unbound controls and then use those controls to open up forms that are bound to a specific table.
I am fairly experinced with VB and some experience of using recordsets, its just the time involved.
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