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need to create an appointment maker form.
basically there is a table called "tblPatientdata" the data is in a form called "frmPatientdata" i need to create another form called "frmappointmentmaker" basically in this form you find available times on a set day and enter the patient ID then you choose the next appointment and that gets entered into a text label which saves it in the "tblpatientdata" and then when you open the "frmPatientdata" in the next appointment field it says the next appointment.
for the appointment maker form i want a sub form where all the available times are and i want a label where you select either up to 5 weeks or 2 weeks and then the sub form lists all the available times.
could someone give me a better idea than this or could some one create this for me.........
I think you will need a couple more tables to keep track of this for you!
Have a look at this sample from the code archive as it should cover a lot of your questions!
Good luck
this is all a bit too much but i only need a little bit as i need the pick date thing from it but the rest is not really needed
If you just want a date picker then check this earlier discussion!
But as earlier mentioned you will need to set up a correct table structure before you begin creating all this.
You need a way to store this appointment data in a normalized fassion and you cannot do so with just ONE table. I don't know what your structure looks like at the moment, but from what you gave us you already have problems in your structure. You should have more then one table which splits up patientdata rather then one big table! You should have a patients table which just stores the patients names...
Ostrongly recommend you reading up on normalization in any of the links provided here!
Good luck
This attachment is right for my design as when you click on the keyboard like button it opens up a calender and then you can choose a day but i also want a time one like this
this i gcse coursework and i dont really need loads of tables
br />This sample includes an option to include time if you want. There is a blue button on the top which says time and when clicked will let you set a time!

No matter what it is...database development is based on data models and table structures. It is THE most important area in database development. If you do not learn it correctly then there is no need for you to even take that course! I'm sure the course is not called how to make pretty interfaces! If so you might as well create cool looking forms in MS Paint as a picture since the functionality of your db will not work well and have nothing to do with database design.
Good luck
anyone else with help apart from freakazeud
You need as many tables as you need to be normalised!!
This may mean you need 3 tables or it may mean you need 80... It depends ojn the project but 1 thinkg you should NOT do in any circumstance is jeapodise the stabiloty nd intergrity of the database just because you can't be bothered to add them.
HAs you are doing your GCSE's you must be 14 - 16, this generally means that you're not an experienced programmer and you have been advised by a much more experienced programmer (Sorry Oliver - not saying you're old frown.gif )... if I were in your shoes I would take the advice and get the course work correct.
Apparently you are under the misapprehension that completing an assignment for a class does not require understanding what you are doing or why. You have the freedom not to take your studies seriously, but that does not relieve you of the obligation to comport yourself with a minimum degree of civility.

Oliver is one of the many knowledgeable professionals who freely donate their time and talent to give you sold advice. As is the case with your studies, you are free to ignore that advice. I strongly suspect, however, that the deadline for your assignment will have passed long before you receive the sort of "shortcut" advice you apparently crave.

I have looked at my tables and feel that there is no need to add more tables but if i need to in due course i will.
I have found many calendars that also display time but do not knw which one to choose.
i want on my patient information form a command button which says Create appointment
i want this command to open up the calendar where you choose the doctor and then the day and time once this is done u click OK which adds the info into the next appointment label with doctor name.
in the form which chooses the appointment i want to choose doctor name and when u choose the name the day section and time section should update showing the days which the doctor is able to take appointments and then once clicked on the day the time section should update showing the times available.
i have got a calender which does some of this but i need to put in the doctor section and then the two updates once this is done i think im complete.
the attachment displayed is the calendar but has some errors as i didn't create it i dont knw how to fix it could some one fix it and creat a combo box for doctors and then the updates for me as i do not knw how to do it
in the attachment there are 2 tables doctor and patient and there are only 2 forms the calendar and the patient info i think this is all you need and should be a simple task but if its easier for you to explain to me how to do it then please do so
Ok...I'm about to leave for the day, but I will start!
Maybe someone else can jump in and help you further if you cannot seem to figure it out.
But before I begin just let me say that NO ONE will do your homework for you. We can help you when you ask specific questions or run into specific problems, but no one will do this stuff for you.
First of all as earlier mentioned your table structures are incorrect. You do NOT need a surname field in table doctors. It is redundant. Furthermore you should create a primary key field of type autonumber. The id field you have currently seems to be of value to the user or yourself and the primary key field shouldn't!
Then you need a new table for patients. With their first and last name and info according to them.
Then you need another table which will join these two and record the appointments. You need to create relationships with foreign keys in this table.
Ok this is about all I can give you at the moment. If it doesn't help hopefully someone else can jump in or it has to wait till tomorrow!
Good luck
thanx mate and i dont expect someone to do this for me as i have written in my previouse post near the end i said that you could explain to me how to do it
Congratulations, you have been given a great foundation to do your project.
If you don't build it right from the beginning (the table structure) it will take more hours and frustration to do the interface (forms and reports) and even if you do somehow get something to work it will not be a robust database.
My suggestion, do your tables as suggested, then try the calendar bit again.
btw-- you may not have intended it to be this way, but your previous posts really do sound like you want someone to do it for you.
Good luck and happy learning!
Lynn, you are so sweet, very well stated wink.gif
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