Full Version: Is Freeze Pane possible in Access?
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Is there some way to do a freeze pane like Excel has for a continuous form. I would like to freeze one or two columns on the left side of the form in order to view the right side of the form which is off the screen.
Odon't think that is possible, unless you find some magic third party add in control which will let you do this.
A workaround would be to split up the data and add two subforms to your form. This way you can have the "frozen" columns in the one subform and the dynamic ones in the other!
You could also change your continoues form view to datasheet form view and then use the "Freeze Columns" command under the Format Menu.
Good luck
This is what I thought. Thanks!!
You're welcome.
Glad I could assist.
Good luck on future projects!
If you have the datasheet view in a form you can use the freeze columns option in the right-click shortcutmenu
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Thanks, but a datasheet view is the last thing I want.
There is a little demo here that I think does what you require.
Hope that helps.
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