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Ok, have a form here that is auto populated when u open it...some 20000 records. however, find simply does not work. One textbox entry may be called "afb" but doing a simple search for afb, even with wildcards does not work.
Olooked in the control properties, but did not see something jump out at me that might need to be toggled. really stuck here..database is too large to be w/o search functions...thanks!
That should work. I always click inside the field I want to search BEFORE opening the search dialog. Then type in what I want to search for set the match box properly, in your case you probably want it to be Any Part of Field. Then click Find Next.
When you say "Find just does not work", do you mean that nothing happens or do you get a message saying no records found??
this is where it gets complicated - the fields are locked....one cannot click into the fields, only the results show. it seems as if the text boxes are prohibited from being modified or showing up in results?
no records found. even tho i can see the record right in fron ofme.
gain - one cannot click into these fields either.
It sounds as if the recordset is not updatable. Is it based on a query?
oh yes....
ts fine if no data entry is allowed, but seems strange that cant even search?
Yes, I agree, can you open the Find box and pick the Field Name to search or for that matter the whole table?

EDIT: You might also want to look into restructuring the recordset so that it is updatable. For that, you'll need to review the kinds of recordsets that are and are not updatable. Look in help under Updatable Recordsets I believe.
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there is no option to choose field name, it just seaches entire form with the result set and i choose "any part of field"
You might want to try this link and see if it can help:
Find Dialog Box Defaults
Is what you're looking for actually located in a SUBform inside a main form where the FIND button is located on the MAIN form? If so, the FIND button will not work because it's looking at the recordset bound to the main form... which may be different or nothing at all.
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