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Hope everyone had a happy holiday.
I'm having a problem with a simple task.
I have created a continuous form and I want to change the font color in only one record when I click in that text box. Unfortunately, every text box record changes color when I click in that text box.
Here's my code:
Me.PIPEID.ForeColor = 32768
Is it possible to change the font color of a single record?
Thanks, Rob
Take a look at Conditional Formatting.
check: change background of current record
conditional formatting!
Continuse forms can be a little tricky!
Good luck
There's an option in the Conditional formatting dialogs to trigger when the field has the focus - perhaps you could do something with that?
I think I can make the conditional formatting work. I'm wanting the user to be able to select multiple records and have each of these text box records change color. I can put a true/false field in the form and use this to change the color of each record that is clicked.
Thanks for the help!
The ture/false control has to be bound though! If it is not then the change will apply to ALL records.
Good luck
Thanks for tip!
There are 32,000 records in the table, but hopefully a true/false field won't noticeably slow down the database.
It shouldn't, but that's the problem with continuous forms!
Good luck
For those of you who may have the same problem, this is a summary of what I did to solve the problem:
reated a new Yes\No field that I called "Select"
Placed this as a checkbox on the continuous form
Change the conditional formatting on the text box to: Condition 1: "Expression Is" "[Select] = True"
I want to thank everyone for helping me finish this task.
You're welcome.
Glad we could assist.
Good luck on future projects!
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