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I've never seen this question addressed anywhere before... can you increase the size of the designview grid when creating custom forms or reports? I often find my nose about one inch from the screen when trying to align label and text boxes among those teeny-tiny little gridlines.
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would like this feature as well... but you can align controls easier...
If you want to allign all the controls then you can select them and from the
There is no zoom in design view that I know of. But if what you're really tring to do is to align text boxes or labels, then you can do this:
old your shift key down and use your left mouse to select the text boxes you would like to align. When the mouse pointer looks like a 'Hand', right click. A menu will appear. Select the Align menu and another menu box will appear. You can then align your selected text boxes Left, Right, Top, Bottom (unfortunately, no Center).
Or, in the Form's property window, you an increase or decrease those teeny-tiny gridlines by setting Grid X and Grid Y to a greater interval.
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Under the Format tab you can also check Snap To Grid...
Just a side note:
There is a maginifier in Windows that you can use to magnify anything on the screen.
It is already installed on XP machines or can be added fron the Windows CD for previous versions.
Go to: Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier
For the shortcut WindowsKey + U
Ofind this a great tool for "Zooming" in on images and other things.
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