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Hi All,
I am relatively new to access and after setting up a database, some forms, queries etc, I decided to use the switchboard manager. I created a new switchboard, added items and saved it. However it does not appear in the forms at all and I cannot get it to run in any shape or form. The table of switchboard items is present, and if I re-open the Switchboard Manager, there is my switchboard (set as the default) - so I am confused. I must be missing something obvious.
Any help would be appreciated
Not sure what happened but try doing it again in a brand new empty database. If it works
simply import the form into your current database.
I have had this happen to me. Click Forms in the objects list. Then View--->Refresh.
Thanks for your help - aren't forums wonderful. I was not able to refresh the forms, but importing the switchboard from a blank database did the trick. It also inherited all the properties of the missing one.
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