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I'm building a database which is designed for booking time slots in a hall. Everyday there are 3 slots; morning, afternoon and evening...
My problem: There are certain days in conjunction with slot times e.g. every monday morning, where I want the date and slot to be permanently booked up so the user cannot enter in this booked up date and slot...
My initial thought was to acheive this by a validtion rule...could someone please suggest to me how to go about making a validation rule of this type (a rule which must consider two different fields e.g. for both a date field and a text field) or alternativly a different way like creating a function which goes through ?an internal (invisible) calendar? in my database and unfrees the dates and slot times that i would specify...
Oapologise if this seems unclear but I'm new to access and am having some difficulty with this issue..
Much thanks for any help
p.s. I have attached my database to this post.....go to the formed called "Customer info and booking" here you will find the fields "Date" and "Slot Time" to which i have referred to throughout.
Larry Larsen
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This article called Clashing Events/Appointments by Allen browne may help..
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