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Is there any way to do this? My cbo box is based on a table, not a query. And I'm having a very hard time changing it and keeping everything else working.
R. Hicks
Use a query based on the table and convert the field value to Upper Case using the UCase() function as a field expression in the query ...
You lost me (it's not hard to do!). Are you saying that I do have to base my cbo box on the query in order to alphabetize? I do know how to do this, but when I do it, the rest of the form isn't working. The rest of the form populates based on the selection in the cbo box.
This is so frustrating! I think this whole project is done and ready to use, except for alphabetizing this list.
R. Hicks
You are not confused ...
misread your question .. (I don't know where I got Upper Case from your question) ... sorry.
You still need to base the combo on a query based on the table and not the table directly.
You can then perfom any sorting you may need within this query ....
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