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I am trying to format a date as "mm/yy" and update that to a new field in the same table. When I add the "Format([Date],"mm/yy") to the update query it updates the year as 06 and not the year in the [Date] itself. For example I want the month for the date 10/24/05 to be 10/05, not 10/06. When I create a select query using the same Format example the month for 10/24/05 displays as 10/05 and not 10/06, so why is the select query working and the update query not working?
Larry Larsen
Am I right in thinging you have a field/control called Date if so this is an access reserved word and should not be used.
I'll be honest and would save the date value as a normal standard format ??/??/???? and use the format function when I need to display the value in either queries/forms/reports.
The field I am using is not called "Date", I just used that as an example. Here's an example of what I am trying to do: Format([DD Comp Oder],"mm/yy"). Again the yy is always 06 which is incorrect.
Thanks again,
Can you post the full SQL for your update query? Perhaps the problem will become evident.
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