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Ok, I think the concept of this is simple enough, but I think im to novice at VB to accomplish it (as every attempt so far has failed)
I am attempting to have one "pop-up" active x calander control multiple fields. Here is how I have tried, and optimumly would like to go about it.
I have my 2 command boxes, next to each is a small command button. this command button calls up the calender, with a small string at the beginning along the lines of:
If Me!tglbuttonone then
Me!axcalander.controlsource = Me!startdate
If Me!tglbuttontwo then
Me!axcalander.controlsource = Me!enddate
Im not even 100% sure Im pointing at the corrent property for the calander, or if these strings should be in the calanders code instead. So any suggestions are very welcome.
Where is this code (what form and event)?
There is the calendar control (what form)?
It will help if you post all of the code in the event.
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