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I need to create combo box for entering gender, male female. Text in combo box should show whole word male, female and record in table just one letter M or F dependent of word selected in combo box.
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o this this way.
Have a table - tblGender.
Have a PK autonumber and field gender and enter Male and female. This two records.
Use this as the source for your combobox and have both fields in the combo, using the PK as the bound column, but hidden.
This will then store the number in the table. When you display the data, you link the gender table and display the word male or female, based on the PK value.
It is not inherant that your table hasinformation that means anything to anyone. I have tables that list multiple columns of numbers as foreign keys (FK). However, when linked to their respective tables and the report/form is opened, all the relevent descriptions are assigned and meaningful.
Revert if you reqire more help.
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Never mind that table.
Instead have a value list, where as the
Row Source = "M";"Male";"F";"Female"
Bound Column = 1
Column Count = 2
Column Widths = 0";1.5"
Has the gender of a person never or shall never be added or if ever there would be a very special case of a heterogenous person grin.gif
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