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I'm wondering if it is possible to force a report footer to appear at the bottom of a page. I realise this is what a page footer is for, but I only want this to print on the last page of a report. Basically, I'm creating a quote sheet and I want to place an order confitrmation section at the bottom of the last page (generally it will be only 1 page anyway, but if it is a long quote I don't want that section of the first page).
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Yes, I'm interested as well . . .
My reports have the footer 'creeping' up to the bottom of what's printed . . . rather than at the more conventional location at the bottom of the page.
I've searched the KB at MS . . . and nothing is popping up . . .
Not sure if this is just inherent access behavior and not controllabe . . .
Maybe somebody knows different . . . we'll see.
Does anyone have any idea about this - when I posted I thought it would be a quick and easy answer. Maybe I'm going about my report formatting incorrectly?
Any answers are much appreciated.
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