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I have been using a calendar in my forms to make inputting dates easier for the users of my Access Project. It's a simple pop up calendar that defaults to today's date, stores the date that the user clicks on in a text box on the form, and then disappears. I would like to use this functionality in a Data Access Page, but I've had no luck trying to get the calendar control to default to today's date and then reset once a user clicks on a date like on the forms. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
hich 'version' of the calendar pop up are you using?
If you are using the 1 I think you are, you have to make sure that the name from the on click control matches the date control.
Anyway, good luck. frown.gif
For my forms I'm using one that I got from a friend of mine. The code looks like this:
Dim Originator As Textbox
Private Sub CalendarButton_Click()
Set Originator = datebox
Calendar.visible = true
If Not IsNull (Originator) Then
Calendar.Value = Originator.Value
Calendar.value = Date
End If
End Sub
Private Sub Calendar_Click()
Originator.Value = Calendar.Value
Calendar.Visible = False
Set Originator = Nothing
End Sub
The calendar is always there on the, side but it appears when the CalendarButton is clicked and disappears as soon as the date is chosen. I am looking to do something like this with my Data Access Page if possible.
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