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hello all,
I have a table with (order #, order date, total, amount paid, amount owed).
i want to generate a report where i specify a start date and an end date. The report
has the total amount ordered, paid and owed for all orders between the dates specified.
i understand i am supposed to make a query from the table then do a report from the query,
but how do i get the amount, balance and owed to add up on a query so they can be displayed
on a report?
In the query, if you right click on a field, you have option of selecting Total. This will have you Group all of the fields. Where it says "Group by", you can change that to Sum.
Warning This will change the name of the field.
Like [amount paid] will change to sumof[amount paid].
If you name the Field
example: TotalAmount: [amount paid] it will not change the name.
Also helpful hint. If you are early in this database, try changing the names of your fields to one word.
amount paid you could change to AmountPaid, or amount_paid. This will save you headaches down the road.
I hope I helped.
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