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I am trying to query to find the following. Table: Customer, Field: Business
. any instance in field where upper case in any part of field that has the string "GO", upper case ony. That is, anything with AGO, GONE or A GO A, -GO- but NOT Gone, or A Go A or AGo, etc.
b. Same as above, but all lowercase string, go, gol, agol, but not Again, Trailer
c. Any instance where field as that does not follow Proper Case of Title Case. That is PrI, -TRl, TrAil/Camp, or PriN or TRail, etc., but not Print, Trail
d. Also how to find anything in Business that is ENTIRELY ALL UPPERCASE, with or without numbers in included
e. Same as D, but anything in Business that is entirely all lowercase, with or without numbers included.
What would be the appropriate
R. Hicks
Use the Instr() function and utilize the Compare argument within the function.
This argument can be invoked to compare "binary" which will evaluate the characters as Upper or Lower case as you desire ...

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