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I am dealing with part numbers and product classes. On the form, I would like to enter the part number in one field, and I want another field to automatically enter the Product Class for that particluar part...
I have two tables, one with empty fields for customer info and a part number field, and the other table has all of our part numbers and related product classes.
My suggestion:
Make the part primary key a foreign key in your customer table
Then in your forms record source add the customer and parts table
For the query add the parts foreign key (from the customer table) and the product class field from the parts table
On the form add the parts field (foreign key) as a combo-box then add the product class as a text box.
Now when you select the parts field (foreign key) combo-box the associated product class will display in the text box.
Have a look at the attached sample which demonstrates one method of "Autofill", which I think is what you're looking for.
Check out the form in design view
Thanks to the both of you. I got it to work suing the autofill method. I almost got everything done in this DB, but i am stuck in doing one thing. I got the combo box to show both collums in one, and the text box is updated as it should. THe question is that i would like to run a query using the column 1 (or the second column in the combo box. Would I set the value of the Text box to be saved separately in the bale so i can use it to run a query, or is there a way i can run a query by just leaving it this way? Main thing I would like to do is run a query using the Product Class.
Also, I have two sets of radio buttons, which i can pick from. i noticed that in the tables, these get stored in numerical values. I have tried everything to show these as actual words. How do i do this? For instance, if i click on the radio button that shows contractor, I'd like the word "contractor" show in the table, not a value of 1.
Your help is appreciated.
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