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Hi everyone here is my problem. I need to work with the current database that we are using now but need some help.
The database is made up with Member companies and employees of those companies.
Members table
MemberID - PK
Company Name
Emplyees table
Employee ID - PK
MemberID - FK
In the beginning we really didn't think that we would need too much info on the employees but things have changed.
What I want to be able to do is create a query that would give us all the main contact mailing info as well as those employees that would like to receive the mailing. So when I run labels I run it off one query.
Example Company ABC has John Doe as main contact but we would have Jane Doe, Mike Doe, and Dave Doe as employees in the employees form. John Doe, the main contact, informs us that Jane Doe needs to be included in all mailings to the company. This is where I'm having trouble. I can add her to the mailing but I have to create two queries and run labels twice. How can I include her (employee) and the main contact without creating multiple queries and without making major changes to the database?
Can you add a yes/no field in the employees table and label it mailing or what everfits. If an employee wants to be included in the mail list check the box yes. then in your query add the new field and set the criteria to "Yes" This will only return records for the employees that want to receive the mailings.
I would still have to create two queries. I want one query with both employee and main contact information.
Add the yes/no field to both tables. Add the employee table to you query with the yes/no field criteria to Yes and joined on the Member ID. It should pull in data for each comapny and each employee for that comany. If your still having problems, attach your query and let us take a look at it.
Thanks Jerry, I will give it a go today. I will let you know how I made out.
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