Full Version: Format html template for SendObject
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I am using a macro on an on-click event in a command button on a form to send (SendObject action) the form to someone (users use the form to make requests for my groups services). Anywho, I have found using the html format works the best and I see you can use a template. So I have been reading up on html tags today and am trying to make a template so that when a user goes to send a request (by clicking the command button on the form with the macro aformentioned) I will see certain data the user inputed in the body of the email sent out. Any discussions out there about making templates for this purpose? I'm talking about the last item in the action arguments in the macro builder for SendObject action titled Template file.
I probably should have posted my question to the VBA forum. Anyway, I found what I needed in that forum. I tried to remove this post but couldn't.
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