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I have a combo box that has a 'row source type' of Table/Query; and, a 'row source' of a 'select statement' I use to get the rows I want from the query built on the table. Now, I want the fourth column of that row to appear in my combo box so I set the 'bound column' property to 4, right? But, only the 1st column of my selected row appears instead! Is the bound column property the wrong thing to do here? Thanks again folks for taking a look at this post.
When you select the value from your combo box are you seeing all of your fields that are being populated by your combo box?? If you are then you need to change the order of your combo box in your query and probably change the bound column back to one to be able to see that data when you select the value you want. Try that and let me know if that fixes your problem.
You probably have the bound column set correctly, it's just that what is displayed in the combo box is the first column with a non-0 width. So it you want the Bound column to also be the one that is displayed in the combo box, you need to set the width to 0 of those columns to its left.
Frank, you'da man! What you suggested works, but frown.gif , it defeats the purpose of the combo box. Let me explain, there are 4 fields being displayed, I have ordered them (via a query) such that the 'key field' is in column 4 because it is not important for USER to see, she needs to see in order: department, last name, first name, id number. The form allows edits, adds, deletes and opens on the first row of the query with the id number in the combo box. What I would like the form to do is allow USER to add an new record and use the combo box to select an id number by way of looking at all four fields. Hope this makes sense.
And Shawn, thanks for your suggestion. I tried that too, but like I explained above the order of the columns is visually important to USER because scrolling through IDs is meaningless to her, she needs to read left to right in the order as listed above. Thanks, if you can think of anything else please lemme know! I'm still werking on it.
Yes, when you need that, then what you have to do is concatenate the fields together into 1 field:
SELECT Employees.EmployeeID & " " & Employees.FirstName & " " & Employees.LastName As EmployeeName etc.
Thanks again Frank. I see what you're getting at but let me tell you what I did following your earlier suggestion. I'm just leaving the key field in column one where it undoubtedly likes to live! Why fight it. Then in my query for that combo box I order departments x last name and USER will love it.
Glad you got it! Thanks for sharing.
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