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I'm trying to hide the Access window (only showing the form) and I believe I have the code correct in the Module.
The only issue I have remaining is how/when to Call the code. I continue to get the error message: "Can not hide Access with form on screen" and then if I try to Call without a form open I get "Cannot hide Access unless a form is on screen"...
Check out this post , there are a few links I've used to accomplish what you're asking.
Thanks for the link, I used code provided by freakazeud and called it with this VBA:
Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Call fSetAccessWindow(SW_HIDE)
End Sub
It is on the form that is loaded first but I continue to get the "Can not hide Access with form on screen"
Any ideas?
For the answer to this post:
Access Database Window
With the code that Freak provided, you cannot call that function in the Form_load event because no form is loaded. You must attach it to something else.
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