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Is there any example of making a flash together with a status loading bar for startup form?
Maybe…what do you mean and under what circumstances?
i hope to make my start up form more lively.....btw, may i know what hv to be done inorder when i open form...it will pop up 1st without hiding behind other software program? please advise.thanks.
This is difficult to say succinctly, so let us just play a game for the moment.
You are the director of the opening screen of a movie, I (and hopefully others) am the technician(s) that make it happen.
You want to make your start up form more lively…
Do you want a complete South New Orleans funeral march on form opening?
Or, perhaps, the complete cinematography of the last three Popes investiture?
(Come to think of it, they are not that dissimilar so perhaps could be blended.)
You need to state, the subject matter, the start time and the duration.
You need to state the desired method of applying and removal of the form.
You need to state the other, perhaps indivisible, code that may be running at the time.
You also need to state background conditions correctly; would an error message be hidden?
In other words, it has nothing to do with anything except the visual effect, except for everything else.
And as a last thought, you may be better off without a lively startup form.
Are you trying to incorperate a Macromedia Flash movie in your startup form or what does "making a flash together with a status loading bar for startup form" mean?
Maybe you can clarify a little more what it exactly is you are trying to achieve.
Good luck
Hi Freakazeud
He your strapline. That isn't a stupid question!
Why isn't red blue? One answer is it's because your not approaching the light source fast enough
It you travel towards a source of red light fast enough - & that's really really fast - then the doppler effect shifts the apparent wavelength of the red light towards higher frequencies & eventually to blue light.
All i want is a Macromedia Flash movie that makes my startup form more lively...is that a big problem....
My do u hv to link it with funeral march on form opening? that's pretty rude...
I doubt that you want to discuss my signature with me thumbup.gif
You might need to get in line behind 100 other people which have already commented on it. I wonder why that is...unless...I want people's attention to draw to it wary.gif
you might find this tutorial helpful!
Good luck
btw, may i know what hv to be done inorder when i open form...it will pop up 1st without hiding behind other software program and how to make sure that my form are in the centre of the screen? i tried clicking auto centre in the form properties but it doesn't seem to be in the centre of the screen.
please advise.thanks.
if you open your database it should be on top of all other programs. If you mean the form to open in front of other forms then you might want to concider setting the pop up and modal properties of the form. You can find them in the other tab of the form property window.
The autocenter property can be a little tricky at times. Try to set it to NO...in design view position the form where you want it...then click save and switch to form view. It should retain the position to where you moved it in design view. The size of the form in design view might mess up the autocenter as well, so make sure that it is approximately the size of the form itself. You are not opening this form maximized, right?
Good luck
no...not maximized
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