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I'm trying to select the last record in the table via dlookup. Below is the code i've got so far.
im IntNum As Integer
Dim InvNumHold As Integer
InvNumHold = DLookup("[InvoiceNumber]", "tblMeteredInvoice")
IntNum = InvNumHold + 1
Me!txtInvoiceNum = IntNum
Me!txtInvoiceNum = Format(IntNum, "00000")
This code is basically taking the last invoice number and then increment it by 1, so that will be used for the next invoice number. I dont know the criteria that would be used to look for the last record in the table, i tried the 'MaxRecords' but that didnt work, i couldnt see anything else appropriate to use for it.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You want a DMax
e!txtInvoiceNum = DMax("[InvoiceNumber]", "tblMeteredInvoice") + 1
Set the format of the control in the properties to "00000".

If the 'Last' record is the highest Invoice number then try simply:

Me.txtInvoiceNum = Format(DMax("InvoiceNumber", "tblMeteredInvoice") + 1, "00000")


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Thank You, that worked perfectly.
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