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Im sorry this topic is all over the forums but im finding it confusing.
I have a table named tblSuburbs where a combo box named postcode on the form named Customers gets its data from
In the tblSuburbs it has 3 colums Suburb, State and Postcode
What i want to do is get the user to enter/choose the postcode in the postcode combobox which will then filter the Suburbs combobox with the matching suburbs of the postcode.
(in Australia we have a few suburbs with the same postcode eg bayswater, bayswater north .)
I would really appriciate if someone could help
Have you seen this before Cascading ComboBoxes
Hi Lee!!!!!!
Have a look at the small example DB attached. It does what you want.
Also ignore my PM to you I sent you concerning this matter. I descided to go down this path.
Thanks for your replies and your help - really appriciated
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