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I have a report that contains these two filedsL I want to total onlly 2 numbers that appear in the Amt Field. For Example i want to total the 3rd record the amount field is 1.6148 with the 9th record which is 1.5952 which together total 3.2100. How can I accomplish this. I hope I made my problem clearer. In any case I appreciate your response.
ntryDate Amt
3/1/2006 1.5316
3/2/2006 1.6102
3/3/2006 1.6148
3/6/2006 1.56
3/7/2006 1.5436
3/8/2006 1.5208
3/9/2006 1.5508
3/10/2006 1.5212
3/13/2006 1.5952
3/14/2006 1.6877
3/15/2006 1.6484
3/16/2006 1.6668
3/17/2006 1.6372
3/20/2006 1.5829
Develop a query using the table and fields of interest. Place Criteria: values in the EntryDate column that fetch the correct dates. Save the query.
evelop another query that uses the first as its "table". Put the Amt column into the grid. Click View--->Totals. Set the Totals: cell to Sum.
The crieria that I need is the record no. The first criteria that is used is the month, which gives me data of only working days in a month. From that data Ii must choose the 5 and 10 record. I dont know how to use the record no as criteria.
Thanks again for your reply.
I saw a post on this site not that long ago, maybe yesterday, that showed how to do it.
The time has expired --- what I saw yesterday would not do what you want to do.
You might want to try a form with a list box on it. The list box would display the dates and the amounts. You could allow the user to select the rows of interest in the list box, then click a button that would sum the amounts.

I have prepared an example. See Form11 in the attached.
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