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I have a subform that displays information dependant on the mainform
o problem, but as the recordsets are massive, and the qry quite complex and multi layered the subform takes about 1sec to load on my workstation and almost 4 sec over the network
Problem is if someone wants to scroll with mouse, it takes forever to find the record you are interested in - so I put a search funktion in - no customer satisfaction....
Is there a way I can delay the subform load event so that a user can scroll to the record he wants and then wait the 5 secs for the subreport to load?
Setting its visible property to False until you need it may help.
If that doesn't work, maybe eliminating its recordset and assigning the recordset at the appropriate time will do the trick.
Here's a link you might find useful. Microsoft Access Performance FAQ
Thanx - I just put the subform load event under a button - so now they can scroll untill they are where they want to be and then press the little button to reqry the subform - works like a charm and people seem to like it
Great solution. Thanks for posting back.
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