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Hello world.
want to build an application in Access and i have some questions.
1. My application will be work in a multi-user environment, so i chose a backend-frontend model.
my BIG question is this:
if a have the forms bounded in queries or tables and the user in station1 has opened the index form (witch is a continius search form), can some other user in station2 to open the index page , locate a customer in it and open the detail page for this customer to made changes in?
How can i use the records lock to avoid problems?
Can bounded forms work with no problems in a multiuser environment or the solution is unbound forms and recordsets?
2. After the creation of my project, can i convert the mdb frontend to mde for security reasons?
can anybody please help me about this?
Have your provided your users with separate copies of the frontend, installed on easch person's local workstation? Only the backend should be located in a central folder on the network. The frontend can be either an mdb or a compiled mde but you will have to include code in the mde to be able to establish the necessary links to the backend.
yes, i have separate copies of the frontend, installed on easch person's local workstation.
So, can i use bounded forms in queries and tables?
what about records locks?
thanks for your answer and your time..
As far as I know, if you want to control record-locking, you will have to use unbound forms and use VBA to open the relevant recordsets. Locking is specified in the open method of ADO recordsets for example.
From reading Access Help, you should be able to lock the record once editing is started, but I belive that this applies to the database as a whole and not to individual forms. Check out "Choosing a record-locking strategy in a multiuser environment" in Access help.
I have several multi-user databases here at my workplace. They are all ---finally--- front end/back end. I have had no issues with record locking. I just use the default setting.
the BIG problem is records locking (i dont want to have records locking) and if i have understand well, all of the people answered here, you mean i can use queries and tables in bounded forms?
sorry for this post, but i cant red an clear answer,so , please, be pacience with me and say me with just a few words.
(my english is no so good, so sorry....)
Can you say a little more about what you mean by using "queries and tables in bounded forms?"
form can be bound to a table or query to provide the query's data source. Beyond that I am not sure what you mean by your question.
Yes, you can do that. You may have an occasional record locking problem, I don't have it here because most of my users deal with different subsets of the records.
my problem is if i must use unbounded forms (recordsets) or bounded forms (queries-tables).
and as far as i know, the use of recordset in a form, dont make this form bound, is that correct?
Maybe my posts is some confused, but my english is not so good, so , i cant express my self very well.
sorry for this... sad.gif
In my opinion, you should only used unbound forms for data entry (i.e. creating new records). If you want to edit existing records, I think binding the form to a table or query is what you want to do (I find it much easier).
o not worry about language barriers, we are all on the same planet. However, if you feel you are not understanding us, you may want to look for an access form in your native language. I know Access Web offers a french language version and Microsoft list a number of newgroups for office products in a number of languages.
If you set the form's record source to a table or query than the form is bound to that object. That is what "bound form" means. If you do not define the form's record souce (the property is blank), then the form is unbound.
think others in this thread have answered the record locking question.
A bound form "knows" ahead of time, because its Record Source property is set in Design View, where its records are coming from. An unbound form's Record Source property is not set until it is opened. In both cases, a recordset is used.
It is just a matter of when the recorset is fetched. A bound form fetches its recordset "automatically" (Access provides code to go and get it). An unbound form also fetches it recordset. However, you provide the code to fetch it.
Using unbound forms is an awful lot of trouble, you must do a lot more work for not all that much gain.
To answer your original question, each user will be able to do what he needs to do. The only time a conflict might arise is if both try to edit the same record. In that case, Access will simply not allow it.
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