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My form has a Date/Time field.
want the user to be able to click on a button and have a calendar appear where they can select the correct date. Also, I would like a way for them to select a time.
Can someone help?
See attached
Check the code archive for calendars
search UA...there have been many discussions on this e.g.:
also check:
Good luck
Date Picker Popup
On the DatePicker form, there are provisions for collecting time, but the controls are hidden. If you want to use the Time functionality, just make Visible = yes for the time controls.

I see Scott posted a popup calendar too -- can't wait to look wink.gif
Thanks, Scott -- always nice to see how you do things differently, I always learn something ...
Ohaven't a clue where I got that Popup calendar from, but I've been using it for years. I don't like the Active X control, because that blocks other controls in edit mode. This one also includes a time component if you want to use it.
Hi Oli,
Nice to see you
Ochecked out the links you posted (planning to update the date picker in the archives) ... and I see that 01 is the same link that I just gave wink.gif ... it was nice to see the link to John's calendar -- I have been meaning to check that out again, thanks
Hi Scott,
Thanks, nice to see you frown.gif
>>>...because that blocks other controls in edit mode...<<<
what do you mean? If I need to use the date immediately, I use event code, popup the calendar in a dialog window, then I execute other statements. The popup I have uses the ActiveX calendar control and, as far as I can tell, there has never been a problem -- what kinds of problems can happen?
Well if you are talking about problems frown.gif...I just like to avoid active x controls because of the reference/version dependency problem. I have too many users with different setups and can't afford to constantly change things around. A custom form based pop up like John's works best for me.
I use the one I found at Date Time controls. They are both Access forms, they both need some programming but it isn't difficult and it is documented.
Crystal, I mean in Design mode. I had to work on a project someone else started recently where they used the ActiveX control. When you went into design mode, this calendar showed up blocking a whole bunch of controls.
Can you post the exact URL? Didn't see the calendar you were referring to.
I responded to your PM.
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