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How do I disable the Not in List message when a user accidently enters information in a combo box that does not have that value in its drop down?
tried to set the limit to list property of the combo box to No but it says I need to readjust my bound column with because I have set it to 0", so the user does not see the column. I just want to get rid of the NotinList default message. Any ideas?
use the combobox's not in list event to do whatever you want e.g.:

Response = 0
Msgbox "You have selected something that is not in the list."

Good luck
You will need to change the Limit To List option of the combo box to No.
If you go into the design of your form and right mouse click on the combo box and then select properties. This option can be found in either the Data tab or the All tab of the property box.
This is easy enough. Thank you once again for your help.
You're welcome.
Good luck on future projects!
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