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Hi there! I have a form, and when I hit the print button encrypted on the form, I get an error message that the form is larger and won't all fit on one page, but some pages may be blank. so when I hit 'ok' to print it, the form takes up all of half of one page, and then a second page comes out blank, but looks like the formatted background of the form. How can I fix this?
-Liz (Beansprout)
forms are not meant for printing...they are only for editing/adding data...so create reports which are meant for previewing and printing and adjust your content there. If you want special paper or margins then use the page setup under the file menu in design view of the report. Keep in mind that you can NOT exceed the physical limits set by paper or the printer itself.
Good luck
Is there a reason you are not printing a report that just looks like the form. Form's aren't really meant to be printed.
Is far as fixing what you have, the form must be two wide to fit within the margins that are defined. See if you can norrow your form a har.
Just to clarify, I DON'T want to print the form, but I'm thinking of others with this print function, and I hate wasting paper! I'm no tree-killer. and for the record, I'm also in the works in creating a tracking method, so that these records don't have to be printed from the form view. frown.gif but thanks for all your help!!!
And William, I haven't even delved into reports yet, and designing them to look like my form...that's a whole new can of worms that I'm not quite ready for...but maybe next week I'll try that! Thanks!
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