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I have a simple program that looks in folders hourly to see if anything has been FTP'ed. I want it to run in the background, down in the taskbar, because 90% of the time it will run, find nothing, and exit. I can't get the Access pgm form itself to minimize down into the taskbar. Tried four different methods and many bad words. Attached are two sample pgms, they are very small.
I've tried many combinations of Modal and Popup and nothing seems to work and yet other people have used these modules, they are in several threads.
Someone please educate me.
Steve H
Am not to sure this is what you are after but try this.
pen A New Macro
Action: RunCommand and then lower down the screen where it says command put in AppMinimize
Close and save and give whatever name you like.
Open another New Macro and in the Action put in RunMacro
then below in the Macroname put the name of the Macro you just created above.
close and save as Autoexec
If you have a form in your Startup window remove it and replace with none Close your Db and reopen
I tried that and nothing changed. Access windows stayed up??
I think it may be throwing the Access main form back up when the form runs. Is there a way to not use a form?
Thats Odd if I open the Demo I used to your solution IF the Db is opened FROM Access File>open it does as it should however IF opened from a shortcut or a doubleclick of the DB it does as you say unless you highlight the Autoexec Macro and Click Run??????? Like Yourself I too am scratching my head! I deleted the form and it made no diference Sorry I have been not much help sad.gif
I appreciate the help and I know I'm not senile!!! Do you know of a way to execute the code to look in the folders without using a form?
I'll be leaving in a minute so if I don't answer thanks for taking the time to help.
Steve H.
Am heading out to lunch myself but I will think about this during that time your attachment has 2 Databases in it what is the difference in the two?
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