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I am not very good at access but have taken on a project for a friend... I have a form that is in order by autonumber, but I would like it to be in alphabetical order in spite of what the autonumber is. Could anyone please help me. I have used access help and my book about access but neither seem to be able to answer my question. Thanks in advance!!!
Are you getting the Data directly from the Table.? If so use a query instead. A query will allow you to sort on any field and or multiple fields.
Let's know how you get on.
I am not very good at querys - is there a way to do it in Visual Basic on a Form?
R. Hicks
To be able to sort and filter the information .. you must use a query for the recordset.
Creating a query based on the table is one of the simplest things you can do in Access ...

You need to learn how to use a query so have a look at the attached.
Ok, I am understanding everything alittle better after research - now hopefully my last question. Once I do the query, am I correct in understanding that I still have to create a report from the query to make it look nice and be able to print it?
absolutely correct!
Yes but I always use a separate query for the report. I don't know if others agree with this but I find I need different info in reports to forms. Also I use a naming convention. QryFrmFormName for forms and QryRptReportName for reports.
Please don't make this your last question, there is lots to learn from the Gurus at UA
Best wishes with your endeavours.
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