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What is the best way to control your forms so that regardless of the monitor size/resolution they open either full screen, or the size you made them during the design process?
He have notebook users as well as desktop users and the screen sizes vary. I'll design a form, it looks great, then whamo....it is only 1/3 visible and shifted off the page.
How do you experienced folks handle this?
you can maxmise a form on startup with
in the forms on open event
then just design your forms for the lowest resolution.
I detect the users screen resolution then adjust the form accordingly
I design the form for the user with the lowest resolution display (800x600). The people with higher resolution displays will have a smaller form on the screen, but it's still readable and useable.
How do you do this? Are you making a form for each resolution or is it some sort of dynamic setting?
Quick Question:
How do you detect the user's screen resolution and adjust forms accordingly? This seems like the solution I am looking for!
There is an API to get the screen resolution
Private Declare Function GetSystemMetrics& Lib "user32" (ByVal nIndex As Long)
The size, position and font_size of every control for each resolution is held in a table. When a form opens, its controls are repositioned.
I am also interested in this with my DB. Same thing..... Desktop vs. notebook...... so, EFCoins..... what how would I use what you posted?:
Private Declare Function GetSystemMetrics& Lib "user32" (ByVal nIndex As Long)
.... Thanks!
Take a look at this..
thanks for the tip!
Today, I looked at using code to scale the forms depending on the resolution of the display.
s. Creating duplicate forms.
vs. Designing a "one size fits all" Form.
Chapter 8 in the Access Developers Handbook covers this topic specifically, scaling forms.
For time considerations I have redesigned my forms to a one size fits all. While designing the forms I changed my desktop monitor to 1024 res.
It seems to work well on both displays now...
Next, I'll tackle the code required to do this with vba.
Thanks for your tips!
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