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Im having trouble with a form displaying data.
This is a little convoluted but I will attempt to explain my problem in summary.
I have a form that has some controls that are partially populated by using forms.<myform>.<mycontrol> and for some strange reason when I open this related form and I use me.requery, it will not refresh the record and the subform wont refresh as well. I have tried putting me.form.requery, me.<subformname>.refresh and requery and any other variation I can think of.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you,
You might try:
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdRefreshPage
Good luck, sad.gif
That didnt work and the strange thing is that when I click on one of the combo boxes and choose an item from the list it requeries the subform and everything works. I dont want the user to have update the contents of a combo box. I just want the form to refresh, including the subform, and update the underlying table.
Ok it looks like there is no real way around the fact that I HAVE TO CHOOSE something from the combo box even if I have a default value already there. I would have hoped there was a way to simulate an after update event without having to actually choose something from the combo box.
nless another solution pops up Im going to have to live with it.
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