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Hey people,
I have an access frontend connected to a SQL Server backend.
Some forms takes a while to load data from the SQL server.
Onow have a nifty form that shows with the text 'busy'
The 'busy' form closes when the data is loaded.
The thing is, that the timer on my 'busy' form isn't running (probably because access is busy itself :-) )
I do use DoEvents en me.repaint, but my timer doens't run..
I use the timer on the busy form, to flash a label...
Any ideas to get this working??
Thanks in advance,
Doug Steele
You could try showing the form, and having it run the code that's taking so long.
You likely won't be able to get the flashing, but at least you should get the form.
Hi Doug,
Thanks for ur reply.
Perhaps I need to clarify; I DO get the form... only not the flashing.. and now THATs what i want/need :-)
Any other ideas?
Has Doug stated not sure if you will get that to work. Access can't run in parallel so while your other procedure executes it won't be able to execute a separate one unless you halt the other procedure which I don't think you want to do.
Good luck
Then there is no need for me to continue my search :-)
Thanks guys!!
You're welcome.
Good luck on future projects!
There may be another was to get the desired results.
would suggest that you use an animated GIF and not try the timer event to make a label "flash".
There is code in the Utter Access Code Archive Forum that will allow you to do this.
Hope this helps ...
good idea.... I'll take a look!!
You may also want to check out this example from the code archive. I use it will great success.
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