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I have created a form and it comes up fine in design mode. But when I put it into form mode, it shows up blank. I don't have any clue what is causing this. Anyone know?
That do you mean by "Blank" ?
What is the RecordSource for your form?
If it is a query, does the query itself return records when run in the Query Builder?
We need more information. And, if possible, WinZIP a copy of your MDB (at least containing the form and the tables/queries) and attach to a message here (must be less than 500kb).
What I mean by blank is that the screen comes up with a completely blank form....for labels, no fields, no nothing. Everything has disappeard. If I switch back to design view, everything is there. Very strange. I am not at the computer with the application on it at the moment. But when I am I will attempt to send you the MDB with the form, etc. Thanks for your response.
Sounds like you have not got any data to display. The form's record source probably has some criteria which are not being met by any of your data.
Is said above, go into design view of your form and take a look at the record source of your form.
I understand no records being returned, but that doesn't explain all labels disappearing also, does it? When I say blank, I don't mean no data. I mean completely void of anything. Absolutely nothing shows up on the screen. NOTHING.

Yes, that's exactly what happens when there are no records returned in the form's recordsource, and it is not updatable.

If the underlying query IS updateable, it the form can open ready for data entry for new records.

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Thank you all for your help. :-)
i ran into stuff like this a couple of times with forms, alot of the time it was because i had another form that was open and was running off of the same query.
I had to close out the other form before it would show anything.
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