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Hi all--
I have a DB which has various businesses, in a Facilities table. A related table is the People table, which is a one-to-many (one Facility, many people) relationship with the Facilities table. SOME of these people, depending on which state they are in, may have a license number. In the interest of normalization, I set up a separate License table.
My problem is I canít figure out how to enter the license number at the same time as the people. I have a form bound to the Facilities table, and a subform on it that is bound to the People table, set to Data Entry and Continuous Forms, so I can enter many people at a time for a Facility. If I put a subform on the subform, of course, it tells me that subform 1 canít be set to display Continuous Forms if itís got a subform on it.
How can I enter license numbers for those who have them from this form/subform? Iíve considered putting the license number field into the People table, which would leave me many blank entries, but at least would simplify the data entry process. I would PREFER not to, in the interests of snobby relational purity!
Thanks all,
I'd have a button on the subform that opens a pop up form where the licenses can be entered. Basically a subform, but only opened via the button.
Thanks, Noah. I'll give that a try.
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