Full Version: Search records to display that person's info
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I am new to creating Forms and this seems like it should be very simple, I just can't figure it out.
create a Form with the information needed on a child. If there are say 400 children in the system, I would like to go to the form and type in a last name (or a few letters of it) and then jump to the first name list to narrow things down farther (first name list would only have those names matching that last name) and the data on the page would change to line up with that child's records.
What I have at the moment is a Combo box on Control for Last Name and one for the Control of First Name. But if I change either of those, it changes it for the record displayed, it doesn't change the records to that child's name.
What you have are probably bound comboboxes for the two names. Bound controls change the data in the underlying table to which the form is bound. What you need are unbound controls. When you add a combobox to the form, follow the prompts of the wizard and choose option 3 (find a record in the table or something like that). Also take a look at this thread.
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