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how to check for the empty text box...
well, i know it is a very simple question
Just to clarify, we cannot put the below code in order to check for empty text box is it?
Me.txt1 = ""
Then, what should I write in order to check for empty text?
If IsNull(Me.Txt1) Then
MsgBox "Text Box is Null"
MsgBox "Text Box is not Null"
End If
Olove Access ... it makes life easier.
Better still:
If NZ(MyTextBoxName) = "" Then
Checks for Null and ""
hi nelson .... good morning...
If NZ(MyTextBoxName) = "" Then
while apply the above, if you have something like "" (2 quotations) in the textbox what will be the result?
it shows null in the textbox !!!!!!!!!
Olove Access ... it makes life eaiser.
Microsoft documentation recommends you do this:
If Len(Me.txt1 & "") = 0 Then
  ' control has no value
End If

hey claim this is the fastest performing way to ensure that you have a value other than Null or an empty string ("").
When you concatenate an empty string ("") to a Null value it "coerces" it to become a String value with no length which can then be measured. If the "txt1" control did have a value then appending an empty string to it would not change its value.
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